When can my personal data be processed?

There are several basis on which your data can be processed. One of them and probably the most discussed at the moment is consent. Alternatives include: contracts, compliance with legal obligations, vital interests, serving a public task and other legitimate interest (including commercial benefits) as long as the individual’s rights and freedoms are respected. The only exception to this rule is when data is required in public health matters or with any legal issues, as the criminal law does not enter the scope of the GDPR.

Once you give your consent you will have various rights regarding your personal data. A few examples include the right to be informed, the right to withdraw your consent, to restrict processing, to erasure and more. On our website, you can find articles about each of these rights, starting with the main article about EU citizens’ rights and continuing with the shorter ones that you will find in our knowledge base, under the category ‘Rights’.

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